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Software projects


First of all, LUWRAIN is a lot of experience how to provide information in form, adjusted to the perception of people without an eyesight. It is implemented on Java, can be launched as a stand-alone Linux-based OS or as an application for Microsoft Windows or GNU/Linux. The most important role, which LUWRAIN could play, is a platform for creating the accessible applications by developers without any experience in the area of assistive technologies.


GuideCraft is an assistive suite for using by blind people in GNU/Linux. It combines AT-SPI-based assistive technology and a lightweight window manager. Their conjunction allows to get easy understandable accessible environment for geeks without GNOME involving, which has rather heavy dependencies.


VoiceMan is a speech server for processing text information received from LUWRAIN, as well as it can be provided by any other accessibility software, with consequent forwarding it to some TTS-engine. There are two branches of VoiceMan. Developing of 1.x.x is almost stopped and we release only some common maintenance updates. Developing of  2.x.x at its early stage and we are looking forward to continue it as soon as it could be possible.

Discontinued projects


Deepsolver is a package manager for GNU/Linux. General Deepsolver design goals includes flexible processing of dependencies, involving the Minisat algorythm, the package information search, as well as code abstraction for the compatibility with any particular package format.