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Assistive suite GuideCraft

GuideCraft is a mixture of two technologies: an assistive technology (AT) and a lightweight window manager (WM), purposed for using by blind people in GNU/Linux. The AT component is a client for AT-SPI, therefore, it covers the most of toolkits used for constructing GUI in GNU/Linux, including GTK+ and QT (through QT-AT-SPI bridge). AT-SPI is also able to collect assistive information from such large products as Firefox and The WM component, in contrast to most of popular window managers, almost hasn't any decoration and designed to be able to control the opened windows through a speech feedback only.

The GuideCraft idea is to make possible using of accessible window system in GNU/Linux without involving GNOME and Orca, which are rather heavy components with a lot of dependencies. Besides that, this potentially could be useful for enabling assistive technologies in other desktop environments than GNOME, e.g. in KDE or in RazorQT.

GuideCraft is configured through a set of config files which include a lot of options making its using flexible and convenient. The generated speech output can be spoken by synthesizers invoked by specified commands or can be send to D-Bus using libDbusSpeech library. This library implements the idea of proxy object for D-Bus and can wrap the interface of any speech server you want, making their choosing easily changeable without hard dependence on any of them.