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Accessible environment LUWRAIN

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We want all blind to be able to participate in all parts of the society, which revolve around information technologies. There are some technical barriers making this still very difficult and our development is carried out with the aim of eliminating these barriers.

As for today, we think that there are no suitable solutions to this problems widely known over the world.

The UI designed for blind people

The screen reading utilities for graphical user interface (GUI), the most popular current approach to assistive technologies for blind, doesn't take care of providing information in the form, suitable for user perception, and it is their the most noticeable disadvantage. Without using a mouse, which is supposed to be inaccessible for the blind, GUI is totally ineffective. The level of comfort and speed of work equal to sighted people remains still unreachable for blind users. If the user doesn't have any prior experience of using GUI with eyesight, how he/she could get a clew to understanding its nature?

In order to replace inaccessible screen, the blind user always keeps the picture of its working space in mind, and our strategy is to make this picture in imagination as simple as it could be possible. This helps users to concentrate on their work deeper and more effectively.

In case of screen readers, the user has to keep in mind the whole look of the desktop (what, actually, is impossible, regardless which tools are involved) and that destracts him/her from the work itself. According to our experience, it is really possible to create this  new type of UI with the same features as in usual GUI We are speaking, apparently, only about the tasks, which are potentially accessible for blind; for instance, photo editing is inaccessible at all due to its nature).

At a first glance, it looks that we  are presenting some kind of fiction, generally impossible technology, but it isn't the case. Everybody knows that the text editing is the most understandable operation for blind on pc. The only thing we should do is to make the solving of all tasks in the same way as the text editing. How we achieve that, find out with LUWRAIN.

Besides mentioned advantages, our conception has some additional features making work easier:

Creating and distributing the accessible applications

We witness a shift of solutions from web-browsers/desktop computers to mobile platforms. In fact, it is a truely convenient idea, even if the mobile platforms cannot be a fully-functional replacement neither for web-browsers, nor for desktop computers in whole. Such OS as Google Android or Apple iOS plays a role of a platform, which aims to be with the user everywhere.

The blind has nothing like this. There is no platform, which allows creating of the applications specially designed for them. LUWRAIN offers the full SDK for creating the applications for blind people. The main advantage of this approach is that it doesn't require the developer to have any experience in the area of accessibility technologies. Any company can create a client for its service just by using Java API, and We will take care of proper understanding of created applications by the blind.

Accessibility for everybody

LUWRAIN is supposed to be accessible for everybody who could be interested in it: