LUWRAIN develops technologies which improve the accessibility of internet services and digital materials to people with eyesight problems. We are designing a new speech-enabled user interface and are researching new methods of adapting materials for blind people with the help of machine learning.

The cloud service LUWRAIN Books creates audiobooks of uploaded texts utilizing commercial text-to-speech engines and with the support of the DAISY format. This innovation was based on considerable research into the areas of natural language processing, parsing of source materials, and layout generation. LUWRAIN Books also takes care of delivering its audiobooks to readers in a way which helps them to manage bookmarks.

The core of the LUWRAIN project is a platform for the creation of apps for the blind and partially-sighted. It brings a new user experience designed to achieve maximum efficiency. The LUWRAIN platform provides an open API on top of Java language, which helps to build accessible apps in a portable way. LUWRAIN, together with a set of standard utilities, can be launched as a standalone operating system on the Linux kernel. It is the most advanced approach to making embedded devices accessible to the blind.

We are constantly looking for technical solutions, commercial models and new approaches to education which in conjunction with the LUWRAIN platform can improve the lives of people with eyesight disability. We invite everybody to collaborate with us on learning about blind software engineering, adapting publishing systems such as TeX and Lilypond, and many other things.